Would you EVER steam your vagina?!

I really think people are running out of things to do to our vaginas. The latest trend: The V-Steam. What the heck is a V-steam you ask?

It's a spa treatment that involves steaming your vagina with herbs. And it's nothing new either. Apparently it's an old Korean remedy that's meant to detox your va-jay-jay and supposedly helps ease menstrual cramps, balances your hormones and pH, ease anxiety, boost fertility, and get this--fight off uteran cancer!


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The treatment has gotten pretty popular in California, but it's been buzzing like crazy ever since Sister Sister twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry had it done on their reality TV show, Tia & Tamera.

Interested? Let me break it down for you. First, you have to to get butt naked. You can chose to stay like that OR you can wear an Asian-inspired poncho-looking towel thingy. Either way the steam flowing up your vagina is still going to feel the same.

Then you're asked to sit on a wooden chair that has a hole in it and sort of looks like a porter potty. There's a pot filled with hot water and a mixture of herbs under the hole. There are towels placed on the seat so you don't burn your ass and you're pretty much supposed to sit there and let the steam flow into your vagina for 30-45 minutes. According to Tia and Tamera it feels like someone blowing their hot breath inside you. How is that appealing?

Oh, and this isn't always such a private ordeal. In fact some clients from Daengki Spa in LA claim that the treatment is done in a lobby area. They basically got their vaginas steamed in front of other clients that were sitting around waiting. Um … that's NOT okay!

Listen, it was just this summer that I finally decided to get a Brazilian wax, so I'm not trying to get my lady parts steamed. Seriously, what if the temperature is too hot and winds up burning you? THE HORROR!

Between vaginal bleaching, facials, "The Barbie", vajazzling, and vaginal rejuvenation (to turn you back into a virgin)I just want to scream: Can't we just leave our vaginas ALONE? Also, why aren't there any crazy things to help guys handle their junk? I don't see them coming out with any penis steamers!

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