Hair thieves are holding women at gunpoint to steal & sell their locks for weaves, extensions

Imagine you're walking down the street and suddenly you notice someone is trying to cut off your hair. This may sound out of the ordinary, but it's the norm in Maracaibo, Venezuela where women are being warned to watch themselves on the street because there are heavily armed robbers trying to steal their hair. These thieves are known as "Piranhas" and they are approaching women at gunpoint snatching their hair to sell to hair salons.

The reason for the hair stealing and the specific type they are targeting is no surprise, but you'll understand why…


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Venezuelan newspaper Informe 21 reports that these Piranhas are after straight hair and will choose women in malls forcing them to tie their hair in ponytails in order to have it cut off. These thieves are targeting straight haired women in order to sell their hair as extensions at beauty salons.

This doesn't help Venezuela's already high crime rate, which has Caracas listed as one of the top three most violent cities in the world. Apparently our vanity for longer locks has traveled south: Venezuela reportedly has had a 30 percent soar in hair extension usage. However, hair stylist Jhonatan Morales says that salons don't buy hair from street vendors because of health concerns. Looks like these thieves didn't do their homework…

If salons don't sell items from street vendors then what's the point of the piranhas stealing hair? There must be a large group of women wearing short bobs because of this which is terrible since the majority of women value long hair. I know I would be extremely pissed if someone did that to me. These "piranhas" better be careful though because (weapons or not) if they approach the wrong lady ... well, hell hath no fury like a woman with a bob she didn't want!

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