Rihanna's icy grey hair: Love it or leave it?

Rihanna has raised plenty of eyebrows with her super trendy and adventurous sense of style, but her newest hairdo might be one of her most outrageous yet. The singer took to Twitter yesterday to debut her new deep icy grey hair color—yup, ice grey!!--which she has nicknamed "#brrr."

"Grey is the new black! Blondies, it's quiet for y'all! #brr," she wrote alongside a photo capturing her new look.

Well, one thing's for sure—you could never call Rihanna boring or predictable!


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The change is just the latest in the star's constant hair evolution. In fact, in the past few years, Rihanna has pretty much sported every type of cut (long, short, half-shaven) and color (blonde, brunette, red). But this latest look is definitely one of her most extreme....and her fans seem to be loving it! Her photos have already gotten thousands of retweets and close to a million likes on Instagram.

Hmm...I gotta say, this latest look is not my favorite. I mean, unless you're Storm from X-Men, I see no reason to purposely sport ice grey hair. Then again, if anyone is possible of making that color look sexy, it's Rihanna. After all, isn't that what she does? She's known for pulling off things that would look absolutely ridiculous and absurd on other people!

Plus even though I might not be crazy about her new hue, I can't help but admire Rihanna for her utter fearlessness when it comes to fashion and beauty. Not only is she willing to take these risks, she does so without giving a second thought to what others might think or say—and that's pretty badass, regardless of her hair color.

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