Curly Q: I'm always reading about new hairstyles to try on my curly tresses, but I have such a hard time doing it myself even with the step by step guides. Are there any curly haired vloggers on YouTube that can help me replicate these styles? Help!

Sometimes you just need a visual to really help you do a style all on your own. And we can definitely thank beauty bloggers for providing us with YouTube videos that literally show us how to do everything from a smoky eye, to a perfect red lip, and even a fishtail braid. 

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As for the chicas that just want some styling advice for their natural rizos, you're in luck because there's a TON of curly haired vloggers that do just that. Check out a few of my favorites below that make styling curly hair seem like a piece of cake!

Image via YouTube

AndreasChoice 1


Image via YouTube

This biracial beauty has a head full of long curly ringlets that would make any straight haired chica green with envy. She gives a ton of beauty and fashion tips on her channel. But here’s one tutorial she did on how to style curly hair.

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Shameless Maya 2

Shameless Maya

Image via YouTube

The part African American, part Filipino vlogger has the most animated YouTube channel I’ve ever seen. She literally documents every facet of her life, including her curly hair beauty routine. Here she provides her five tips for healthy curly hair. The chick is so dedicated to her blog she even shaved her head for one tutorial and guess what? She still looks gorgeous!

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MarissaMane 3


Image via YouTube

This pretty curly haired vlogger’s British accent makes her videos that much more adorable. For a head full of big, voluminous curls, check out her daily routine. I love how she uses mainly affordable hair products.

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Naptural85 4


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If you have coarse, coily curls, you might want to check out this natural chica’s tutorials. She’s knows how to do a ton of styles including this summer humidity proof updo. How cute is this?

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Alisha's guide 5

Alisha's guide

Image via YouTube

Now here’s one skilled chick. Alisha shows you how to do a number of different curly hairstyles in just 10 minutes. I’m impressed!

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SunKissAlba 6


Image via YouTube

This Dominicana has to be one of my favorite vloggers for curly hair. She makes styling sophisticated updos look so easy to do. Check out her step by step guide on how to create different bun styles on curly hair.

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