Fourth of July is just around the corner and I'm feeling inspired to dress up in red, white, and blue. But let's face it--it's hard pulling together an American flag-inspired outfit without, well, looking like an American flag. To avoid going overboard and embarrassing my friends, familia (and of course) myself, I think I'm just going to add some stripes and stars to my nails instead!

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A patriotic manicure is probably the best and safest way to pay homage to Independence Day. Plus, who doesn't like to get a little creative with their finger nails every here and there? So I reached out to ORLY Nails for some inspiration. Get this fun and festive nail look created by Elyse Piwonka for ORLY with these super easy-to-follow tips below! Believe me, you'll be glad you didn't wear those red and white striped pants!

For the right hand:

Step 1: Elyse started off by painting two coats of a white polish on all the fingernails, except the thumb. Try Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color ($3).

Step 2: She then went on to paint two coats of navy polish on the thumb nail. I love Butter London Nail Lacquer in Royal Navy ($15).

Step 3: Elyse used a bold red polish to create the vertical lines going down towards the nail tip. This was done on every nail with the exception of the thumb. I'd use a shimmery one, like NARS Shimmer Nail Polish in Rouge Andalou ($19) to give it more of a festive touch.

Step 4:  She took ORLY Platinum Glitter ($7) to create the 3 stars on the thumb.

Step 5: Once nails were dry they were sealed with a top coat. Try Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Top Coat ($5).

For the left hand:

Step 1: Two coats of red polish was applied to all the nails, except the ring finger.

Step 2: She then layered one coat of a glittery blue polish over the red polish. She used ORLY Spazmatic ($5).

Step 3: The ring finger nail was painted with 2 coats of white polish.

Step 4: After nails dried, she began to draw half moon shaped lines with a red nail art polish. ORLY Nail Art Instant Artist in Fiery Red was used ($5).

Step 5: Once dry, she created the same pattern using a blue nail art polish.

Step 6: ORLY Platinum Glitter was used again on top of the firework design to help create a shimmery effect.

Step 7: Once all the layers were totally dry, she finished off the look with top coat.

Now go show off those star spangled banner nails chica!

Image via LaForce + Stevens PR

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Add Comment How do you plan on doing your nails this Fourth of July?


Super nice looking... I just wish I ha the time to wait for all the coats to dry


Super nice looking... I just wish I ha the time to wait for all the coats to dry


Yes, Im going to do paint them blue, red and white :)

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