There's a new breast pump that can give you bigger boobs & THANK GOD! (VIDEO)

Ladies, if you've been thinking about getting breast implants, you might want to save your money because apparently there's a breast pump machine that can boost your cup size for a much, MUCH cheaper cost. The Wonderlift breast suction pump is a non-invasive, pain-free breast enlargement treatment that claims to leave your boobs up to two cup sizes larger. It supposedly also reshapes and firms breast too. Is this too good to be true?


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The machine comes complete with two breast pumps that provides vibration massages as well as vacuum suction that work to stimulate breast regrowth as well as assist with skin elasticity, smoothness, rejuvenation, and spot and freckle removal. It features a low frequency current that works to stimulate blood and lymph circulation while preventing any abnormal cell development. Wonderlift's founder, Sajida Rashid, claims that you should see results after 12 weeks if you also do the 6 follow up treatments, and the results can last you up to 2 years. Not bad right?

In terms of the cost, this machine prices at a little under $800. I have to admit that is kind of pricey, but compared to the $8,000-plus you might spend on breast implant surgery, this is nothing. And as painful as these pumps might appear, clients claim it's really not all that bad. In fact one woman that appeared on ITV's This Morning said, "It's quite comfortable. It just feels like suction really."

But what I'm really interested in knowing is if this thing really does work. According to Sajida you can see results within the first week as long as you stay consistent with the treatment. "The treatment has been around for a long time, it's similar to cupping--but with the added benefits of following therapies for maximum results," Rashid says. In other words, the follow up treatments are what really makes the difference. There was no mention of where you can buy the device, so I think it's safe to assume it's not  available yet for purchase.

I'm still not sure I'm completely sold on this breast booster, but it's definitely a lot less risky and cheaper than going under the knife, right? I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty content with my small bust, but at least now I know I got options!

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