Before you decide to hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend, you should probably know that despite the required new sunscreen labels, a lot of them still carry SPF ratings that are totally misleading and in some cases even dangerous. A survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group found that while most of the sunscreen products out there do meet the new federal requirements that were placed in December, but there's still a lot of gimmicks going on. Terms like "waterproof" have been banned by the Food & Drug Administration, as well as saying that they block against ultraviolet A and B rays, because a lot of these products only block UVB rays that can cause sunburn, even though UVA rays are the ones that really put you at risk for developing skin cancer. Oh and you might want to stay away from SPF numbers above 50. Apparently it's all just BS!


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Sunscreens that are 100 or 150 many times give consumers a false sense of security, making them think that they're receiving more protection, leading them to stay in the sun longer and reapply less. And SPF of 100 is not twice as effective as one of 50. In fact, according to dermatologists the difference is actually pretty slight. So stay safe in the sun with a few of these sunscreens picks that are ACTUALLY affective!

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