Make your nails pop with this bold color-block manicure

I LOVE color-blocking, especially during the spring time. There's just something about coordinating bright, bold colors that really gets me in a cheerful spirit. So it only made sense for me to try to translate this trend onto my nails. I took a trip to SpaNail, a new nail salon spa in N.Y.C.'s SoHo that specializes in natural treatments and nail art for a one of a kind look. Manicurist Maki Mochiyoshi created a super cool design inspired by my tangerine and turquoise color-block necklace (both pictured here). How cool is that? I was so surprised at how easy and do-able the look was too. But don't worry, chicas, I took notes so you can try this spring-friendly style yourselves at home. Check out these easy-breezy steps below!


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Step 1: Start off by filing nails into your preferred nail shape. This look works on round, square or even almond nails. Then apply a base coat, like Essie Protein Base Coat ($8). I like this one because it helps protect your nails from polish and keeps them strong and healthy.

Step 2: You can use a bold, tangerine polish for your base coat, but Mochiyoshi went with a softer orangey coral shade instead, so that it would be easier to layer on a darker color. Try Butter London in Macbeth ($15). Apply two coats to just four nails on each hand.

Step 3: Once your base color is dry, dip a nail art brush into a turquoise or teal colored polish, like Sephora by OPI Nail Color in Ocean Love Potion ($10). Create slanted lines on 3 of the coral nails and then fill in the triangles with the teal polish. You can use the edge of a piece of scotch tape to help you create cleaner lines. Now take the regular polish brush and swipe on the teal/turquoise color to the two nails that are without polish.

Step 4: Let nails try, then take some thin gold foil sticky tape and apply it to the slanted lines to divide the colors. You can find this at your local art supply store or on Cut them into short pieces and apply them using a pair of tweezers.

Step 5: Mochiyoshi also added gold studs to the base of some of my nails. This Art Club The Nail Art Lux Jewels & Gems ($8) set comes with round, marquise, and star shaped studs in gold, silver, and copper. Make sure to use a glue specifically for nail art to stick them on.

Step 6: Finish off the mani with a quick-dry top coat, like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ($11) to hold your look.

Images via Johanna Ferreira

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