Avoid these 7 evil foods that make you look older

Getting older doesn't mean that aging physically has to be part of the process. There are many fresh fruits and vegetables that you can eat daily that will help you prevent the aging process as well, but sometimes that's not easy to fulfill on a daily basis. In fact there are certain foods you can avoid that will keep you wrinkle free for a long time.

Those foods can cause you to have wrinkles and cause your skin to look so sallow, but if reduced in quantity, these symptoms can be kept at bay if you follow our tips.


Lots of women end up resorting to plastic surgery because they lose hope after trying bottle after bottle of anti-aging creams and seeing no improvement. All that money is wasted on expensive remedies in hopes to get their youthful glow back when they could have just changed up their diet.

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In a world where we're obsessed with soda and processed foods, it's no surprise that aging has come sooner for most than others. But there is a solution to this without creams or going under the knife. Instead eliminate those bad anti-aging foods out of your diet to see an improvement in your skin. So what foods are they? We've rounded up a list of the worst foods that age you.

Check them out below!

1. Sugar: Too much processed sugar can cause your skin to look stiff and dull because the extra sugar attaches itself to collagen which helps your skin look youthful and full.

2. Trans Fats: Drop that burger! Foods with trans fats tend to not only be bad for you by clogging your arteries, but they kill your youthful glow. Trans fats have the same effect on your body as sugar as it attaches to your skin's collagen making it appear sallow and unhealthy.

3. Excess Salt: There's a reason why you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Too much salt dehydrates the body and because you become tired, it end up showing on the skin.  

4. Coffee: Although it gives you energy in the morning, coffee dehydrates you. Drink plenty of water because the caffeine causes tired and dull skin.

5. Alcohol: Sure you had fun during a night of drinking, but you can easily regret it the morning after seeing the effects it has on your skin. Drinking too much alcohol can cause your skin to look puffy, lose collagen which results in wrinkles, and can even cause your skin to look red.

6. Fried Food: French fries and other fried foods wreak havoc not only on your waistline, but your skin too. Although tasty, these foods break down collagen in your face making you look worn out and with extra lines in tow.

7. Soda: It's no surprise that this beverage is bad for you for more than one reason. It's bad for anti-aging because it dehydrates and fatigues you. Make sure if you do drink the fizzy drink that you even it out with glasses of water.

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