Shakira's soccer player boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, recently shaved off his beautiful head of hair ... and I'm not really understanding why. While I think he still of course looks cute (because he's practically incapable of looking bad), I'm not a huge fan of the buzz cut. Especially because he had such amazingly gorgeous hair! I'm guessing he prefers the hair on his face, because he definitely left a full beard on. Ugh. Why??

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We hope he wasn't forced to do it because of some crazy thing (like lice? NOOOO!). Hopefully it's just his lucky haircut or something, and he's vowing to not touch his hair until his team FC Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League trophy (which seems like an impossiblity now that his team lost 4-0 in their most recent game ... after the haircut, I might add).

I'm starting to wonder how Shaki been feeling about her hubby's new 'do, because it looks like a lot of his fans certaintly aren't feeling it. In fact, many of them took to Twitter to vent about the Barcelona defenders look. I have to admit, some of the comments are crazy funny! Like these:

"Shakira's hips don't lie, but her lips sure did when she told her boyfriend she liked his new look."

And our favorite:

"Gerard Pique paid tribute to Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb [with his new hair]."

I certaintly don't think Piqué looks like a light bulb, but I'm definitely already missing his old hair. Heck, if he was my man I'd be running my fingers through those strands 24/7. No joke! Oh well ... at least we know it'll grow back. Hopefully, he won't chop it off again!

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Images via Barcelona FC

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I do not like bald men. He looked a lot better with his hair.

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Why? Because is going bald. And balding is genetics, not a choice.
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