5 Guys do their own makeup & you won't believe the results

Nothing annoys me more than when my boyfriend complains about me taking too long to do my makeup. Men swear it can't be that hard, that is until they're challenged to try it themselves. Buzzfeed organized a genius challenge where they asked five men to try to doll themselves up with makeup and get it done in less than 10 minutes. The men were given foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick to achieve their looks--and they had to swear that they had NEVER done their makeup before. By the looks of it I'm guessing neither one of them was lying, because the results were just as horrifying as they were funny. That's what they get for talking about something they REALLY know nothing about!


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These guys looked crazier than when a 3-year-old tries putting on her mom's makeup. I personally think a monkey could have done a better job. One guy literally tried using a pencil eyeliner to dig out some liquid foundation from the bottle. Really, now? Talk about double duty! Another made a mess out of his eyeshadow and eyeliner, I think in efforts to achieve a dark smoky eye. Again I think, I'm not entirely sure what he was trying to do. It wound up looking like he got  seriously punched in both eyes though. ¡Pobrecito!

My favorite was definitely the guy that tried applying bright pink lipstick that went way past is lip lines. To think all this time they thought applying makeup was super easy. Ha, they really spoke to soon!

Let this be a lesson to all the boyfriends and husbands out that complain that their chicas are taking too long doing their makeup. It's not an easy task and it definitely takes some time, especially if we're going for an eyemakeup look that includes falsies and all. Have a little a patience, we don't complain about how long it takes YOU to shave off your facial hair. Actually I take that back, I totally do! But that's not the point. And FYI: Some of us can totally do our makeup in 10 minutes or less. But that took YEARS of practice! Check out some more hysterical pics here.

Image via Buzzfeed.com

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