I couldn't believe the amount of male attention I drew the other day with my fresh professional pedicure. One guy literally stopped me just to tell me I had the cutest set of toes he'd ever seen. I obviously felt incredibly awkward, but a part of me was actually sort of flattered. You have to admit--when it comes to pedicures nothing beats the smooth amazing results you only get at a spa! Between the flawless polish job and the amazing foot rub, what's there not to like? But who can honestly afford to splurge on a pricey professional pedi every other week? I know I can't! Learn how to get your feet sandal-ready without spending the big bucks, with a few of my easy-to-follow tips below!

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How to get a professional pedicure right at home

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I recommend getting a foot spa machine, like the Conair Waterfall Foot Spa ($60). But a tub full of warm water will also get the job done. Add some bath salts to help you relax while your feet soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. Try Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Chamomile & Lavender Effervescent Foot Soak ($15).

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