I feel like I learn new things every day. Today I learned what K-Pop culture is--that is, Korean pop culture. It seems that Koreans aren't just fascinated by teeny bopper musical acts, but also with plastic surgery--and drastic surgery, at that.

Intrigued, I talked to one of my friends who hails from South Korea to ask her how much truth there are in certain unbelievable stats I found online, where it's rumored that men and women, equally, submit themselves to the scalpel as normally as if it was makeup.

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"It's very common in Korea," my friend Minwoo told me. When I asked her why people are so quick to get plastic surgery among so many young people, she told me that it was definitely a result of pop celeb influences. "I think it's not good, but it's so big that we can't really get rid of the practice now," she said. "I think it's become part of our culture."

I confirmed what blogs revealed: Eyelid surgery to make them rounder and more European looking is the most common procedure, but each day, many more procedures are added to the most popular category.

As a Latina, and I'm not really scared or shocked by plastic surgery--and I'm not against any of these procedures at all. It's very common in my country, Mexico, and throughout Latin America for us women to give ourselves  a little "push" into younger territory as we age, as my abuela says. Nevertheless, the radical changes you'll see in the pictures that follow from Korea are pretty MAJOR.

Check out the images below:

Image via iamkoream.com

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Image via iamkoream.com

As a gift

It's a very common graduation gift in Korea.

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I don't like it and would never do it. My family ages well. I will look fine when I am older. 


wow I would never do something like that! what do they have to go trough in order to change the face like that? broke bones/jaw ?

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