5 Easy hair fixes every chica should know

In a perfect world I'd walk out of my house every day with perfect looking hair. But in reality, that's rarely (if ever) the case. Who has time during their rushed mornings to style their hair? I know I don't! Luckily there are ways to quickly transform a bad hair day into a fresh, chic look without much work. Check out a few of these quick hair tricks below to help you get great looking hair rápido!


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1. For dirty hair:  An oversized high bun is the perfect style to sport when your hair is dirty. Turn your head upside down and gather hair up into a high ponytail. Brush hair back with a boar bristle brush to smooth strands in the front. Then tie hair with an elastic and spray some non-aerosol hairspray, like Bed Head TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray ($11), by the roots. Take an old toothbrush to brush away any frizz or flyways at the front and by your nape. Then pull your pony into a bun shaper and flip it over so that it's sitting right on top of it, and then pull the elastic over the bun. Take the ends of your ponytail and twist it around the bun and hold down with bobby pins. Add a few more spritz of spray to hold the look.

2. For frizzy hair: Rush a smoothing product into your hair, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Crème ($6), through your locks. Pull hair into a loose, high bun before going to sleep. In the morning you'll way up with silky, sexy waves.

3. For oily hair: Refresh your strands with a dry shampoo to help give hair a lift and absorb excess oil. Try TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo ($5).

4. For flat hair: Begin by parting hair to the side for added volume (believe me, this really makes a difference!). Then mist your roots with a volume-boosting hair spray, like Oscar Blandi  Volume Volumizing Spray ($19). Finish by running a paddle brush though hair to smooth and tame flyways.

5. For limp curls: Curly hair can wind up looking frizzy and limpy the following morning. No time to wash and style? Give curls some definition by adding a curl-boosting leave-in conditioner, like Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner ($17). Rub a quarter-sized amount to the palm of your hands and then apply by scrunching ringlets from ends to roots. Twist the flyway pieces by your hair line with your fingers.

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