Sofia Vergara goes back to blonde & she looks amazing!

Sofia Vergara recently tweeted a picture of her newly-dyed blonde hair and I absolutely love it! As much as I loved her as a dark-haired brunette, I think the blonde tresses suit her pretty well. A lot of people (non-Latinos mostly) are surprised whenever they hear that the Colombian star is actually a natural blonde. That's because Hollywood can't seem to conceive the idea that a Latina could be born with anything but dark hair. Isn't that crazy? Especially considering we come in such a WIDE range of shapes, sizes, and shades! I mean, I'm sorry but WHY can't Latinas be blonde?


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Sofia posted up the picture a little while ago with the cute caption: "Blonde ambitions!! Gracias to the amazing Kelly Klain I'm ready for summer!"

I honestly can't think of a better time to go lighter now with spring already here! It makes me wonder why she didn't consider this look sooner? Oh that's right--because it isn't "Latina" enough! Whatever the heck that means...

After all, she did land her big break as Modern Family's funny, loud-mouth Gloria Delgado after dying her strands black, right? It's just funny to me how she was able to make it as such a success in Latin TV with her naturally blonde hair and suddenly had to change to be fully accepted in Hollywood. It just goes to show that America still doesn't understand that Latinas don't just have one look. Even if we all went blonde (despite our skin tones) that wouldn't make us any less Latina.

But it looks like Sofia FINALLY decided to embrace her true blonde roots and I must say, she looks absolutely fabulous! I have to admit I definitely saw this coming. Ever since she hit Hollywood fame I've been noticing her tresses getting subtly lighter and lighter with time. They went from jet black to medium brown, to brown with honey highlights. until she finally took the blonde plunge.

You show 'em Sofia! We approve!

Image via Instagram

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