I'm all for creativity .. but when it comes to nail art, there's a wide line between trendy and just straight up crazy. I get that nail art has practically taken over the world, one mani and pedi at a time, but even so, I still can't wrap my brain around some of the totally INSANE (not to mention ugly) designs that have been trending for the past year. I'm talking looks I'd wish I could just unsee. Check out the slideshow below for some of the craziest nail art ideas I've found. Warning: some of these nails will make you cringe.

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Image via Pinterest

Spiked nails 1

Spiked nails

Image via Pinterest.com

I don’t mind spikes on my shoes or even on some of my accessories. But on my nails, well, that’s just weird. Not to mention, I’m not trying to hurt myself.


Velvet mani 2

Velvet mani

Image via Pinterest.com

When it comes to velvet manicures, I never understood what all the fuss was about. Fuzz, yes. Fuss, no.


Crazy claws 3

Crazy claws

Image via Pinterest.com

Would you look at the size of those claws? Those are definitely not user-friendly.

Floral nails 4

Floral nails

Image via Pinterest.com

This manicure has more flowers and greenery than my backyard. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a humming bird somewhere in there.


Caviar 5


Image via Pinterest.com

I don’t EVER want to see caviar anywhere but on my plate. Honestly, I don’t see what’s so cool about having a food garnish all over my nails. I'd rather be cheap and throw on some cilantro if we're gonna go the food route.


NFL nails 6

NFL nails

Image via Pinterest.com

This takes football fan to a whole different level. If someone sported nails like this to a Super Bowl party and reached over for some chip dip … well let’s just say I’d probably lose my appetite.


Machine gun nails 7

Machine gun nails

Image via Pinterest.com

Nails that are meant to look like machine guns. Enough said.

Glitzy jeweled nails 8

Glitzy jeweled nails

Image via Pinterest.com

There’s just WAY too much going on here. Just looking at this manicure gives me a headache.


Duck nails 9

Duck nails

Image via Tumblr.com

You can probably guess what these flared nails are meant to resemble. That’s right--Duck’s feet. Help me understand how this is even remotely flattering.

People's faces on nails 10

People's faces on nails

Image via Beyonce

Ever since Beyonce put a photo on her Tumblr of a CRAZY manicure featuring nail art of her and Jay-Z’s faces everyone suddenly wanted to have a mani with either a celeb or their man’s face. I’m sorry, but this isn’t just insane, it borders on creepy.