You'll be surprised by what your favorite lipstick color says about your personality

If you're trying to get a sense of a woman's personality, you might want to read her lips. 

Your signature lipstick can reveal so much about your mood, your confidence and even your success. Lipstick literally has the power to predict personality … pretty interesting right? Think about it: Do ever find yourself reaching for lipstick whenever you're feeling down? It's an instant pick-me-up! It's so easy and affordable to pull together a look just by adding a little color to your pout.

Check out some of the breakdowns below and find out what your lipstick shade is saying about your personality!


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Red lipstick: There's a reason why people are so drawn to a woman that wears a bright, red lip. It's because women that wear red lipstick are extremely confident (or at least they want to come off that way). I think this makes perfect sense because whenever I smack on some red  lipstick I instantly feel fabulous (as long as I'm wearing the right shade of course). Red also indicates happiness, a good love life and career success. Doesn't that just make you want to wear it more often?

Burgundy lipstick: The Oxblood lipstick trend isn't easy to pull off. If you ask me, you have to be pretty confident (and daring) to comfortably rock a shade like this. A deep burgundy tends to signal that a woman feels sexy and sensuous. You might want to wear this around your guy when you're feeling in the mood.  

Hot pink lipstick: Catch me on the weekends and chances are I'll be sporting some bright, fuchsia lips. This fool-proof shade (no really, it looks great on everyone!) can  indicate confidence and career success. On the flip side, it can also be a sign of a struggling love life. Hmm, interesting...

Nude lipstick: Apparently the happiest women are the ones who wear nude lipstick.  That's right, that means great career, great love life, and self-confidence. Does the fact that I wear it to work and on lazy days count?

No lipstick: While most of us have always perceived the idea of totally forgoing lipstick or makeup as a sign of ultimate confidence, studies indicate that it might actually mean the opposite. Apparently it can imply that a woman not only lacks confidence but doesn't feel all that attractive. This does sort of make sense. But considering all the confident women I know who'd trade in their lipsticks for clear glosses any day, I'm not sure I agree with this one!

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