Kim Kardashian bothers me. And now, after watching the mom-to-be submit herself to a very painful, very gross blood facial, I can say my dislike is turning into something more...

Every time my kids tell me something about the reality star, I get really upset. I don't understand how someone could become so famous just by the mere act of being scandalous. But last night took the cake, when my little one started calling me at the top of his lungs, screaming that vampires were real and they had attacked Kim. Well, as we all know by now, the cutting edge treatment she had undergone was a facial performed with her own blood!

Again, I have to ask, why do we women subject ourselves to all these crazy beauty treatments?! But Kim K.'s is hardly the zaniest. Read on to find out about some truly insane treatments out there!


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I have to come clean though, I can't cast the first stone. In my battle against cellulite and now wrinkles, I've had liposuction, mesotherapy, filler injections on my face, and I've even tried Botox. All of them hurt tons and I don't plan on getting repeat treatments anytime soon. I can withstand the pain of high heels to look taller, Spanx to look skinnier and have my clothes look better, and sometimes I go hungry in order to keep to a diet. But I would have never EVER thought of re-injecting my own blood into my face. Ugh!

However, some people put some worst things on their faces ... Take alook below and see if you too end up horrified like I did at all these insane beauty treatments!

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