7 Food-flavored beauty products that will make you sick to your stomach (PHOTOS)

Whenever I surprise my abuelita with beauty products (or anything for that matter) the first thing she does is stick her nose in it to see how it smells. I, on the other hand,am very, VERY sensitive to scents, so much so that I avoid products or fragrances that by any means resemble the smell of foods. For me, food-scented beauty products literally turn my stomach. I'm sorry, but they just don't lift my spirits the way a plate of rice and beans would.

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But it looks like a lot of women out there don't seem to mind because beauty brands continue to create products with some of the grossest scents I've ever heard of, like French fries-flavored lip balm or a shampoo that smells like cinnamon buns. No thanks! I'd prefer unflavored beauty products any day. The last thing I want is to taste or smell like food! Check out a few of these not-so-appetizing food-scented beauty products below that will either make you happy or make you hurl (like me).

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I'd like the cotton candy lip gloss.
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