How to find your signature fragrance

I remember growing up always seeing an array of perfume bottles accumulate on top of my mother's vanity table. I never understood why she owned so many, when she really only used one. Now as an adult (and fragrance lover), I understand that it can take a few tries until you finally discover your signature scent. It's not just about liking the smell, but about how it makes you feel and how it works with your body's natural chemistry. Choosing a fragrance many times depends on our emotions as well. If you're more the glam type you might want something with some spicy herbs or florals, but if you're a little more laid back (like me!),  you might just want a scent that smells fresh and clean.

Don't have time to hit your nearest department store and sample all the fragrances? Don't worry--that's what I'm here for! Check out a few different ones below and find one that fits your style best!


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If you love yourself some spice, try Avon's Viva By Fergie ($30): This woody fragrance is filled with spicy and minty undertones that makes for a sexy modern scent that's not quite masculine or feminine. The lavender helps creates a calming and cooling effect.

If you like floral scents, try Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy ($72): Looking for something sweet and floral to go with your flirty personality? Try this warm, and seductive fragrance that includes a blend of gardenia, rose pepper, floral petals and cotton candy that will give you that sweet yet sexy smell that's made to captivate.

If you like to smell exotic, try Narcisco Rodriguez L'Eau ($77): This fragrance is composed of sensual, exotic musks that are perfect for the cutting-edge chica. Floral notes create a feminine aroma without the sweetness.

If you like a fresh scent, try Estée Lauder Sensuous Nude ($65): If you're more into clean, fresh scents this fragrance might be for you. Jasmine petals, coconut water, honey and melted woods make for a soft, seductive fragrance that's never too overwhelming.

If you like to smell like Vanilla, try Oscar de La Renta Something Blue ($115): Romantic linden blossoms mixed with warm, spicy Bourbon vanilla make for a scent that's irresistibly sultry and unexpected.

If you like citrus, Fresh Hesperides ($38): This delicious fragrance opens up with a burst of mandarian, Italian lemon and grapefruit.  It might be fruity but it still maintains a scent that's both clean and classic.

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