5 Beauty rituals that men HATE (PHOTOS)

We all like to use the beauty tools available to humankind to look better: makeup, bronzers, fake lashes, perfumes, and anything in between. We'll use any and all products to accomplish looking good. 

However, those very products that make us look good and can also make us look worse if we stray too far from our natural beauty by using too much or being careless. And according to a recent survey, some of these sins are huge turn-offs to the men in our lives.

It's important to not overdo any of these products when we're getting ready. I promise you: No woman looks good looking like a clown or having zombie-looking skin. 

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Here are the five beauty blunders men hate when, according to Allure magazine's recent survey. It's good information. And don't feel bad if you are guilty of committing them. We've all been there.  

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Add Comment Which of these beauty sins have you committed?

Too much perfume is never good.
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