Easy tips to getting this hot 40s-inspired hairdo from the Carolina Herrera fashion show

The Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 collection at New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion week was filled with sophisticated ladylike offerings emoting the kind of effortless elegance you can always expect from the Venezuelan designer. But what really drew my eye at the show was the sleek, 40s inspired hair look that was created to complement the romantic silhouettes.

The style sort of reminded me of the flirty feminine hairdos Rachel McAdams sported in The Notebook. Gotta love that Ryan Gosling love flick! Megacelebrity Cuban hairstylist Orlando Pita for Moroccanoil was the master behind the elegant, vintage-looking style. He designed the sleek hair rolls close to the head to give it more of a modern touch. Check out his pro tips below to get this look at home!


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Step 1: Pita began by spraying a heat protective spray, like Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection ($28), throughout the hair to help prepare it before blow-drying and to give hair a soft, natural-looking hold. A volume-boosting mousse was applied to model's with thin, fine hair, then blow dried straight.

Step 2: After blow drying, he applied a hydrating styling cream for styling control and sleekness. More product was applied to the roots and top of hair, since the style was created so close to the head. Try Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Styling Cream ($24).

Step 3: Pita then started to part hair down the middle to create two sections, and a third, which started by the ear, up the crown, and down to behind the ear on the other side.

Step 4: After lightly backcombing (about 2 inches from the root for models with fine hair), he took each front pair and rolled it very tightly; he then pinned the roll as it seamed behind the ear.

Step 5: Pita then took strands remaining at the end of the rolls, and then twisted and crisscrossed them at ear level. He pinned to secure hair that would be rolled up from the remaining back section. Finally, he raised the back sections slightly above the nape, rolling them tight but wider than in the front. He then tucked them and pinned.

Step 6: A small amount of styling cream was applied to any flyways and loose strands, to help keep the look neat and sleek.

Step 7: Pita finished with a very light misting of shine spray for extra luminosity and shine. Try TRESemme Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray ($4).

Images via Anne Hardy PR Group

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