I always wondered why my boyfriend (and previous boyfriends) always preferred my hair naturally curly, rather than straight. That's because according to Harvard Medical School pscyhologist, Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., textured hair tends to trigger sexual attraction.

Why you ask? Wavy, curly and coily hair tend to appear thicker and more voluminous, which most people tend to view as "sexy" hair. Think about it: There's a reason why Victoria's Secret models strut around with big, tousled tresses. Valentine's Day might be over, but I still have love and sex on my mind. And that means dolling myself up with a sexy, textured style. I reached out to John Frieda's Creative Consultant, Harry Josh for some tips on how to achieve some of these celebrity-inspired extra-sexy voluminous looks. If you want to get in on the action, check out a few of his expert tips below!

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Super sexy hair to help seduce the guy in your life

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Soft loose curls

Zoe Saldana’s soft, loose waves are romantic and incredibly sexy. The kind of hair a man just wants to run his fingers through. “Start with very wet hair and finger comb in a hair serum, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum ($9) from root to tip, then blow dry. Once hair’s dry, here’s the secret to romantic waves: you’re going to curl hair only from the ear level down. If you leave roots straight, curls look more natural,” says Josh.

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I like the loose curls look.
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