Did anyone else notice Jennifer Lopez's nails last night during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards? CoverGirl partnered exclusively with E! Entertainment to produce a mani cam that displayed every celeb's manicure so we got an up close & personal look at J.Lo's gold leaf encrusted nail art. It featured a white base, gold leaves and gold studs, but what really caught my eye was how long and pointy her nails were! 


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Long, pointy nails have been trending for a while, but I have to admit, I'm not really sure I can embrace this look 100%. 

Pointy nails--or "stiletto nails" for those in the know--do for your hands what heels do for your legs. In other words, they making them appear slimmer and longer. But honestly, I can't help but thinking about a fearsome monster or a vicious mountain lion everytime I see these sharp talons! I'm not really sure I can get down like that...

So, I checked out Nail Lounge, a nail salon in Washington Heights owned by celebrity manicurist Qiana Aviles, for some inspiration. Check out some of their best designs, follow them for more ideas at Naillounge and most importantly, let me know what you think about these "stiletto nails"!

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