Guess who dyed her hair again--Demi Lovato, of course! The 20-year-old recently showed off newly blonde, shoulder length tresses while receiving an award earlier this week for her work in supporting children that struggle with mental illness.This chick definitely loves to switch it up. I've  had a pretty bad experience with going dirty blonde back in the day, but after seeing how great the part-Mexican singer/actress looked it kind of had me wondering.


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You see I was 17 years old when I had my raven black hair dyed a caramel/copper shade and I was headed to my local salon to get my roots touched up. My stylist suggested I go lighter and that's when I decided to finally dye my tresses dirty blond. One look in the mirror and I was completely mortified at how the yellowish/orange-y blonde shade washed out my naturally tan/caramel-y complexion. In other words, my hair now matched my skin tone. It was then that I decided blonde hair just doesn't work for Latinas. At least not for a brown-skinned one like me. Or so I erroneously thought!

But over the years I've started to notice more and more Latina celebs of all skin colors taking the blonde plunge. Yes, I'll admit that going blonde isn't always easy to pull off as a Latina, especially if you have medium or dark skin. Blonde is beautiful, but one shade definitely doesn't fit all. But with a little help and some color theory you can definitely find the perfect blond hair color for you. Here's how to get the shade that works best for your skin tone!

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