Save or splurge? Eye makeup removers are put to the test

As every woman knows, one of the biggest beauty sins we can commit is going to bed with makeup on! And I have been guilty of doing just that on more than one occasion. Lately though, I have been making sure to remove especially my eye makeup before hitting the sack since I've noticed that I wake up to puffy, irriated red eyes when I don't. So when our beauty & fashion writer Johanna Ferreira asked me to try out two different eye makeup removers, I just couldn't resist!

I was able to test out Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover ($28) and Maybelline Clean Express Eye Makeup Remover ($6) to see which gave the best makeup removing results. So, which did I like the most to get the nitty gritty job done? Read on to find out! 


I love emphasizing my eyes when doing my makeup, but as everyone knows, removing mascara and eyeliner--especially if it's waterproof--can be the biggest hassle! There have been times when I've still had to remove residue from the makeup days after I've used it. Somehow it just never wants to budge! So I was glad when I was given these two items to test since BOTH got the job done.

Lancôme Bi-Facil dDouble Action Eye Makeup Remover was oily like most eye makeup removers, but what I loved about it is that it was gentle on the eyes. Being a contact lens user, I'm careful about what products I use around my eye area since it's so sensitive. After applying it to a cotton swab, it took several swipes before the makeup was gone and it left my skin clean and soft. My eyes didn't even sting or get irritated--which was what I feared. I liked this product a lot (as did my mom!), but the price range was a bit out of my budget…

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The next product I tried was Maybelline Clean Express Eye Makeup Remover, which was absolutely excellent. The remover is gel based (I liked that better than oil!), it was pleasant smelling, and in a matter of two or three swipes of a cotton ball, I was able to remove the gunk off my eyes. Not only that, but it left my skin feeling super soft and smelling great!  And at $6 you can't beat that price! I'll definitely be buying this product again in the future.

In the end, I loved both products, but the reigning champ has to be Maybelline Clean Express Eye Makeup Remover. It's the winner for not only being gentle on the skin, but on the wallet too! This is the perfect eye makeup remover for me to use after a late night out when I feel too lazy to cleanse my face. Now I have no excuse since in a matter of seconds, the makeup is gone in a flash. And who doesn't love going to bed feeling fresh faced?

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