I used to think I had to splurge on a $25 mascara to get the dramatic falsie-looking results I wanted. But after years of testing out practically every mascara in the market, I've realized there's really no need to be breaking the bank. These days, most of my favorite mascaras come straight from the drugstores. I've found amazing formulas for lengthening, defining, curling--you name it! The truth is a few strokes of mascara can perfectly pull together your look, which is why most of us wouldn't be caught leaving the house without it! So save yourself and check out some 10 best mascara options!

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10 under $10: Best affordable mascaras

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Best lengthening

CoverGirl Nature Luxe Mascara ($8): The first time I tried this mascara I was instantly hooked! This light mousse formula gave my already long lashes dramatic length and fullness without weighing them down. Every time I wear it people think I have falsies on!

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I want to try the hard candy curl up one
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