Do you find yourself struggling to get your smooth blow-dried hair to last more than a day? Does it start to frizz at your roots (I'm talking to all the curly hair chicas out there) or poof a little in the back? Chances are you're probably not blow-drying your hair correctly. I recently read a piece that had me thinking about common blow-drying mistakes that can be leading to your not-so-sleek look. It can be anything from not sectioning your hair, to using the wrong brush, to simply standing up. Yes, standing up can mess up your blowout! Read on to find out which common blow-drying mistakes you should avoid and learn how to do it right!

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8 Mistakes you're probably making while blow-drying & how to fix them

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Not sectioning hair

Before you begin to blow dry, you should always section your hair. This not only makes blow drying much easier, but it also prevents wet strands from wetting or frizzing your already dry sections. Try using duck bill clips, like Diana Longies Duck Bill Clips ($6), to help section hair on the top. Start by blow drying the back and work your way to the front.

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