"A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony," is how color authority Pantone described 2013's color of the year--emerald!

I'm completely in love with this vibrant verdant shade: It's universally flattering and plays well with any skin tone. And it's a lot more versatile than you think. When it comes to fashion, this color is actually pretty easy to pull off, but with makeup it definitely gets a little trickier. The great thing about emerald is that it includes a little of blue in it, which is what makes it work on such a wide range of complexions. It's all about knowing how to work the shade. Check out a few of my beauty suggestions below and get ready to go green!

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Image via Lancome-usa.com

Eyeliner 1


Image via Drugstore.com

I should have known emerald makeup would be in this season after seeing models stroll down the Stella McCartney Spring 2013 runway this September in brilliant green eyeliner. This is probably one of the easiest and most subtle ways to rock this hue. Take a pencil liner, like CoverGirl Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner in Jade ($8), and apply it your lower eye rims. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and your lips smooth and bare to keep the focus on your eyes.


Eyeshadow 2


Image via Lancome-usa.com

Looking for something a little bolder? Try sweeping on an emerald green shadow, like Lancôme Color Design Infinite 24H Eyeshadow in Enduring Vert ($25), to your eyelids and into the crease. Finish off the look by lining your top lash lines with black eyeliner and coating your lashes with two or three coats of a lengthening mascara.


Smoky eye 3

Smoky eye

Image via Sephora.com

For a sexy evening look, opt for an emerald green smoky eye look. Try Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Jungle ($33).

Nail polish 4

Nail polish

Image via Target.com

Embrace this emerald shade with a chic manicure in the vibrant hue. I love Essie Snakeskin Magnetic Nail Color in Crocadily ($11). This cool formula allows you to instantly create a snakeskin print. Simply apply one coat of the polish to buff and filed nails, then after applying the second coat, hold the magnet right over wet polish without actually touching. And viola! In less than 5 seconds your design will appear!


Hair 5


Image via Ulta.com

Go out of your comfort zone and paint one strand (or more if you dare) of hair emerald green with Temporary Streekers in Green ($12). I’ve had just about enough of pink dip-dyed ends, but a few green streaks of hair could look pretty fierce. FYI: It washes out pretty easily too.