Save or splurge? Volumizing shampoos that actually work

My task this week: Try out a couple of the best in volume-enhancing shampoos out there, and the results actually shocked me. If you've seen some of my previous posts on my favorite products, anything that will enhance my normally thin, straight hair is my friend (hello, dry shampoo BFF!). My struggle has been pretty much life-long, and while the right haircut works wonders, the correct products also make a huge difference. So trying out some volumizing options was a very cool homework assignment.

Two good ones out there: the ultra luxe Davines Volu Volume Enhancing and Softening Shampoo ($24 at and mass market John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo ($6 at So which one was REALLY great? Read on to find out…


Davines' volumizing shampoo smelled amazing, and left my hair--like the name says--soft and easy to style. However, I think this formula might work better on someone with perhaps less hair than I have, because while my hair was smooth and shiny, I didn't feel it made much of a difference when it came to the volume. I dried it as I normally do and my tresses looked good, just not va-va-voom full or anything. One cool thing to note is that the shampoo actually contains hops, an ingredient in beer, which are supposed to help with the cleansing and not weighing hair down, in addition to stimulating the scalp.  

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However, after washing with the John Frieda shampoo, I blow dried as I normally do, and, let me tell you all, my hair felt HUGE, in a good way. No, in a great way. It felt as if everything I did for volume as I dried (using a large barrel brush, flipping my hair upside down) was magnified tenfold because of the shampoo's volume-enhancing properties. Which is exactly what the manufacturer claims: "Volume boosting technology is activated during blow dry to enhance hair's natural volume." Sounds good, but really, it's actually true!

So the clear winner is John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo, which I am honestly obsessed with (I've bought 2 tubes already!).

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