I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been sporting some pretty dry and scaly hands these days. Winter weather tends to wreak havoc on my skin, whether it's because I forget to leave the house without gloves, the lack of moisture in the air or the steamy hot showers I tend to take when the temperature drops. Luckily there are ways to get your hands back in top notch shape. Check out some of my tips to get your hands baby soft and healthy throughout the winter season!

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How to get baby soft hands this winter season

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Use a moisturizing soap

Most hand soaps tend to dry out your skin. To keep your hands nourished and soft even after cleansing, try a moisturizing soap that includes ingredients like olive oil and aloe vera, like Kiss My Face Lavender Shea Liquid Moisture Handsoap ($7). The delicious lavender scent is soothing and refreshing too!

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Add Comment How do you keep your hands soft during the winter?

This reminds me to dig out some cuticle oil.
Very good tips
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