Save vs. Splurge: Argan oil treatments

Argan oil may be THE breakout beauty product of 2012. It started out with one line created by a Latina (Moroccanoil), and quickly spread like wildfire among celebrity stylists until it made it's way to us normal people.

I have to admit, unlike some beauty trends or "it" ingredients--I really hope it's here to stay. I've never really used a hair product that transformed my hair the way that the Moroccanoil treatment did. But, oh boy did I flinch when I saw the price tag!


At about $35 for 3.4 fluid oz ( it's quite pricey. So, I was on a mission to find a similar product that could keep some extra cash in my pocket.

I tried out few other products, all available at local drugstores. The first one was Renpure Argan Oil treatment ($5.99). Um, how do I put this gently? I really did not like this product. Maybe my hair is REALLY damaged, but I swear that this stuff made my hair feel even drier somehow! I used it for an entire week and then moved on because really, it was not giving me the frizz-fighting or softening that I need. Plus, it felt laden with silicone in my hands and left a weird film on my skin. 

My second attempt was the Dove nourishing oil hair therapy detangler ($5.99). This wasn't quite as dissapointing as the Renpure formula, and smelled heavenly. I also really liked how light-weight it was and the fact that it really absorbed instantly in to my hair. My hair felt moisturized, but the frizz-fighting power just didn't cut it for me. MY hair was soft, but still frizzy--sort of like a fluffy cloud, and it's not the 1970s, and I'm not Diana Ross, ya know what I'm saying?!

Then I went back to the trusty original Morrocan Oil treatment. Wow--I think it might really be worth it to splurge on this gem of a multi-tasking hair product. Sure, $35 is a lot, but a little really goes a long way with the original formula, even on my thick hair. It lasts me quite a while and it works as for a smoothing treatment, frizz-control, pre-blow out serum and an everyday styler. I mean, when I use this stuff, I literally don't need any other prodycts for my hair. It's insane how effective it is and how soft and shiny it makes my locks.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, it really is worth splurging on a miracle product if it really gets the job done. For this weeks save vs. splurge, I say spend the extra money to get perfect, beautiful shiny hair every day. You are SO worth it!