The real-life Barbie doll trend has reached new heights after yet another woman has joined in on the disturbing beauty transformation. Along with friends Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, Olga Oleynik has undergone massive surgery to look like a living doll. Previously, two teens made headlines (Dakota Rose and Venus Angelic) via their You Tube popularity and another young lady, Sarah Burge appeared on Anderson Cooper's show and proceeded to enrage the silver fox. 

To be honest, I can understand why Cooper got so upset. I'm still really freaked out by all of these women. How has this become a legitimate trend? I really hope these women get the obvious psychological help they need because, no matter what they say, looking like a doll is just NOT okay. Check out the freaky photos of the 6 women who want to be real-life Barbie dolls.

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Valeria Lukyanova 1

Valeria Lukyanova

Image via V Magazine/facebook

The Ukranian model actually calls herself the "Human Barbie" and has even posed for magazines, showing off her incredibly tiny waist and doll-like appearance.


Sarah Burge 2

Sarah Burge

Image via Sarah Burge/facebook

This British woman has admitted to spending $500,000 on surgery in order to make herself look more like a Barbie, something that Anderson Cooper found so offensive that he actually kicked her off his show!


Dakota Rose 3

Dakota Rose

Image via Dakota Rose/tumblr

This teen girl has built an internet following thanks to her doll-like appearance. I mean, she's so huge online that some people really think she's the human incarnation of Barbie!

Venus Angelic 4

Venus Angelic

Image via Venus Angelic/facebook

What saddens me most is that this girl is only 15 years old. Plus, she actually teaches others how to look more like a doll in her YouTube video tutorials that are quite popular.


Anastasiya Shpagina 5

Anastasiya Shpagina

Image via Anastasiya Shpagina/facebook

Photos of this Ukranian anime-looking girl (the popular form of Japanese cartoons) freaked me out SO much that it made me realize that the real-life doll trend has truly gone too far.


Olga Oleynik 6

Olga Oleynik

Image via Olga Oleynik/tumblr

The so-called "new" Barbie doll is a Russian woman who's friends with Barbie Valeria. They even pose together for tons of pictures that show off both of their freakiness.