The harsh wind and cold weather really makes me want to take extra long showers and skimp out on my morning beauty routine (because I'd rather spend the extra time in bed). But unfortunately, common beauty mistakes like these can really wreak havoc on your skin and hair.

It's important to avoid some of these common winter beauty mistakes so you're not left with flaky skin, cracked heels or dry/damaged tresses. Avoid some of these cold-weather mishaps and you'll be looking great all winter long!

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7 Winter beauty mistakes every Latina should avoid

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Taking long hot showers

While a 30 minute steaming hot shower during the cold winter months can seem tempting, just remember that it can do more harm than good. Hot water dries out your skin, making it harder to retain moisture afterwards. Try to keep the temperature down. And if the thought of a lukewarm shower makes you cringe, then try to shorten your shower time to 10 minutes or less.

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Add Comment What are some common winter beauty mistakes you find yourself making?


I think the biggest mistake that I make is taking a long HOT shower!!! :( 


My biggest mistake is not using sunscreen.

I hate to give up my long hot shower but I should
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