Alessandra Ambrossio and Adriana Lima reveal the secret to their post-pregancy bods!

Honestly, who doesn't want to walk around with a figure like Alessandra Ambrossio's and Adriana Lima's? I sure as heck wouldn't mind! I mean did you see how AMAZING the two looked at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show last week, which took place only weeks after the two moms gave birth? Pretty impressive I must say. And now it looks like normal folks like us can try to achieve their amazing fitness results, because the two Brazilian models have recently revealed their diet and work out plans. Woohoo!

....And as you can imagine, it's definitely not as easy as they make it look!


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Adriana Lima's personal trainer, Michael Olajide Jr. told People magazine, that "she wanted to be more defined and athletic." She starts off every morning around 9 a.m. with 30 minutes on the bike, followed by core exercises like shadow boxing and glute and leg exercises and then she does intense jump rope exercises. Lima ends her daily workouts with stretching. Not too bad right? Think again, the Brazilian model repeats these same routines later in the day from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., proving that it takes a lot of work to snag that super fit figure.

Olajide explained that after having given birth, Adriana's metabolism (like most women's) began to slow down. The intense workouts were made to help her to quickly start burning.

As for Alessandra Ambrossio, the Brazilian model just recently showed off her slim figure posing nude for Made in Brazil Magazine. She recently gave birth to her second child, Noah, this May and told US Weekly that with her latest pregnancy she didn't gain a lot of weight. "I was actually trying to be as healthy as I could. The first time I gained a lot of weight and it was hard to lose it," she said. Ambrossio does a series of pilates, SoulCycle, walking and beach surfacing to keep herself in top shape.

See, ladies, if we all had 6 hours to spare a day on working out we'd look just as fit as these Brazilian bombshells. Just remember that they're paid to look this way, and is we were paid, we'd be spending hours a day a the gym too. As long as you eat healthy and maintain some activity, we can all look amazing in our own ways too!

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