Avoid toxins with our picks for the 5 best organic lipsticks

I love the way a good lipstick can easily pull a look together. But did you know that some of these lip formulas contain lead in them? The folks over at Good Morning America investigated which lipsticks include this chemical, which can potentially be so harmful (it's been blamed for nerve damage and a decrease intelligence in developing kids!). The team sent out around 22 different lipsticks and glosses to a cosmetics lab called Underwriter Laboratories for lead testing and discovered that 12 out of the 22 lipsticks contained lead. That's 55 percent!

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Scarier still, there seems to be some speculation as to whether or not pregnant women can pass the lead from these lipsticks to their unborn babies, but it still hasn't been completly proven. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, consider switching to an organic lipstick. There are a ton of great eco-friendly lipsticks out there in a ton of amazing colors that don't include any harmful ingredients in them like lead. Check out a few of my favorites below!

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Add Comment What kinds of beuaty products do you tend to avoid during pregnancy?
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Add Comment What kinds of beuaty products do you tend to avoid during pregnancy?


It's nice to know there are organic options of makeup available.

I don't remember ever thinking if my beauty products, especially my makeup, would affect my pregnancy. But for body creams and lotions I ttried avoiding anything that would contain added fragrance. My skin is sensitive and I thought it would irritate more easily during pregnancy.


 I didnt really avoid anything makeup while pregnant, but with all the crazy chemicals and stuff they put in some makeup, its kind of scary, so Im glad they have some pretty awesome looking all natural lipsticks :)


Im glad they have organic makeup.  I didnt avoid any make up when i was pregnant


I didn't avoid any products during my pregnancy.

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