How to find your perfect shade of pink lipstick

While most women tend to reach for the natural nudes and ruby red lipsticks to amp up their looks, these days, bright pink lipstick has become my go-to shade. With just two swipes, this girly hue instantly brightens my face. It's fresh, flirty, and not as intimidating as the popular burgundy lip color that's been trending this season. Just check out how great Adrienne Bailon looks with this berry pink lipstick (pictured here)! But wearing a less-than flattering pink can make you look washed out or even clown-like.

Don't worry, there's a pink lip color out there for every complexion. Check out some of these pretty pink lipsticks and find the one that's best for you!

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Add Comment What's your favorite lipstick shade?


I'm more in the medium skin tone, so pic #3 would be my shade of lipstick. I have one similar but just a tad more lighter!!


I'm light/fair complexion, so #1 or #2 would be best and I like them both.

I don't normally pick darker colors for myself anyway, I feel it's too much of a contrast. But I do like how they look on others.


I am med/tan so I think the 4th would be great for me!


I need to know which lipstick looks best with what eye shadow...HELP!  I have olive skin and hazel eyes


I think I'm median-olive so #3 would be for me. :)


I'm medium tan so the fourth one should work on me!

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