Woman's botched butt implants goes viral (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

The butt surgery obsession doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  But maybe this plastic surgery gone wrong will make some women think twice before going under the knife. A horrifying video has been circling around the internet showing off a hideous bulge in a woman's butt that apparently was caused when her silicone implants suddenly "flipped inside out. " The video has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook, receiving over 300 Likes so far.


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How traumatizing is that?  This has to be the scariest looking ass I've ever seen! Not only is this mystery woman's bum completely disfigured, but the implants seem to be able to move around, as she demonstrates in the video. Gross! "I don't think an implant is supposed to do that. It shouldn't be able to flip," she says. You think?

I have to admit, I can't wait for this butt fad to go away. Once upon a time women were obsessed with looking like frail thin models (a lot of them still are) and now women have been willing to do anything to achieve bountiful curves.  How about loving yourself just the way you are?  I guess that's not an option these days.

Butt implants and injections have gained a ton of popularity in the states and in various countries throughout South America. Everyone is trying to achieve a Jennifer Lopez looking bum. But many times these surgeries can cause severe infections and complications, even death. Remember back in 2009 when the former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, had passed away after undergoing a cosmetics buttocks surgery she had done to firm her behind? The liquid that was injected into her buttocks went to her lungs and brains, which lead her to suffer an embolism. And unfortunately that's just one out of many cases like that.

According to Dr. Adrian Richards, a consultant plastic surgeon at Aurora Clinics in the UK and BAAPS member, a problem like this can occur when an implant is not secured firmly enough in a 'pocket' the surgeon creates either on top of the gluteus maximus muscle or between the buttocks and the pelvic bone. "It is a complication which is relatively common following buttock implants. It shouldn't really happen because the pocket should be snug so the implant stays where it is," he told Dailymail.co.uk.

The thing is that all surgeries come with a risk, so why take the chance purely for vanity reasons? You might absolutely believe that plastic surgery is necessary, but from what I've seen most of these women looked just fine without it. Chances are this anonymous woman in the video looked a hella of a lot better before her bum implants and she's probably smacking herself in the face right now and saying, "what the heck was I thinking?"

See the "flipped out" implants for yourself in the video below!

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