Christina Aguilera rocks outrageous pink fro on 'The Voice!'

I am a big fan of The Voice...mostly because of all of the amazing talent, but also because I can't help but be fascinated by Christina Aguilera's antics, including her outrageous outfits. Well, on last night's episode, she definitely didn't disappoint. The singer judged the entirety of yesterday's performances wearing what is probably her craziest hairstyle yet--a big, cotton-candy pink fro!

Only Xtina could pull of something like that!


Aguilera first debuted the new 'do when she took the stage alongside co-star Cee Lo Green to perform their new single "Make the World Move." And though she almost always wears over-top-looks on stage, this time she really outdid herself. Decked out in a revealing corset/dress contraption with thigh-high studded boots, Aguilera looked even wilder than usual. But of course, the pièce de résistance was the poofy pink wig she wore in place of her normal, long locks. I definitely couldn't take my eyes off that thing!

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Though I couldn't help but laugh a little when I saw it (I mean, its a PINK AFRO WIG), I figured it was all for the sake of their performance and let it go. But no...though Aguilera changed her clothes, she proceeded to wear the wig for the entire rest of the night!

You gotta hand it to her. If there's one thing Aguilera is, it's bold. And pretty fearless. She does not care at all what people say of her or her style...and as ridiculous as the wig looked, I have to say I kinda love that attitude.

Besides, it's not like she's new to sporting colored hair.  By now, she's pretty much rocked half of the colors of the rainbow.

Image via NBC

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