The other day, a coworker came in the office sporting these super cool Halloween-inspired nails.This mani may look extremely complicated, but she did a great job using nail art stickers by Kiss Nails. With Halloween only a few days away, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration on how to get a truly awesome (and gruesome!) manicure. These designs are bound to add a fun twist to any costume. Get into the holiday spirit with some of these adorably festive designs and recreate them with some of my super simple tips!

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Image via Johanna Ferreira

Frankenstein stitches 1

Frankenstein stitches

Image via Pinterest

This amazing Frankenstein stitches manicure is easier to do than it looks. Just paint on a cool neon green nail polish, like this Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Green With Envy ($3) as your base and then use a nail pen, like Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens ($8) in black and red, to create the strokes. Easy as pumpkin pie!


Skull heads 2

Skull heads

Image via Pinterest

Nothing says Halloween better than a gory skull head manicure! Apply a nail base coat, followed by 3 coats of a white nail polish like OPI Alphine Snow ($9) as your base color. Once nails have dried, take a nail art black polish, like NYX Ink Nail Art in Black ($9), to draw on the eyes, nose, and teeth.


Candy corn 3

Candy corn

Image via Pinterest

Create a candy corn-looking nail by first painting your nails with a nude polish like Essie Nail Polish in Intimate. Then once nails are dry, use a white, bright orange, and yellow polish to draw on your candy corn. Only add it your ring finger for a subtle but festive effect!

BeWitched 4


Image via Pinterest

Don’t be intimidated by this extravagant-looking manicure! You don’t have to be a pro to nail this Halloween look. Just try Color Club BeWitching Halloween Set ($8). It comes complete with 4 color club nail lacquers and Halloween decals to help you easily achieve this style!



Spider web 5

Spider web

Image via Pinterest

I love this elegant-looking spider web manicure. Start off by painting your nails with a bright orange polish like Butter London Jaffa Nail Polish($14). Once your base color is dry, take a black nail art pen and draw on your web. The glue on a small faux black pearl or bead to finish off the look.

Frankenstein heads 6

Frankenstein heads

Image via Pinterest

If Frankenstein stitches aren’t decorative enough for you, try this adorable Frankenstein head manicure instead. Use a dark purple nail polish like Milani Nail Lacquer in Rad Purple as your base. After it dries dot on two white circles for the eyes. Once that dries paint your tips and create your brows and stitches using a black nail polish.