'Bagel head' saline injections are the craziest beauty trend ever (VIDEO)

I'm all for Botox and other body injections, when it's absolutely needed. But Asia's latest beauty innovation, saline bagel-shaped forehead injections, left me TOTALLY weirded out! The Japanese have recently resorted to what has to be the ugliest body fad of all times! I mean, who in their right mind wants their forehead to look like a bagel? I know I don't!


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This bizarre trend has been all the rage in Japan, and  ironically enough has become a big part of their "body modification" art scene. The bagel-shaped injection is created by inserting a needle into the forehead, with 400cc of saline then injected to create a forehead-sized blob. The practitioner then presses their thumb into the center of the swollen area to create the indentation that makes his swollen area resemble a weird fleshy bagel.

I personally don't see the appeal in this. For those of you wondering where this strange fad began, according to the Huffington Post, it was actually sparked by the artist Kerropy, who came across it in Toronto, Canada at the Extreme Body Modification Convention Modcon in 1999. He told Vice magazine back in 2009:

"People who like extreme body modification want to find their own way of doing things, and they're always looking for new ways to do that. The more progressive the scene gets, the more these people have to experiment and go their own way."

You'll be happy to know these bagel-shaped injections aren't permanent. The swollen blob only last about 16-24 hours before the saline is  absorbed by the body and the forehead reduces back to its original size.  

National Geographic Taboo documents the strange beauty trend in an upcoming episode where they followed three people that are seen undergoing the treatment in Tokyo, Japan. If you're actually interested in learning more about the strange bagel-forehead trend, catch the episodes tonight on National Geographic at 10 p.m. ET.


Image via Nat Geo

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