Worried about breakage, thinning, or flaking? Stress no more! A bad hair situation can usually be turned around. When it comes to fixing damaged strands, it's all about getting to the root of the problem and finding the right products that work for your condition. With so many different hair care products to choose from, it's important to understand your particular hair needs. Using the wrong products can many times do more damage than good, believe me, I've been there!

Check out these 6 products to help you regain control over your tresses!

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For Oily Scalp 1

For Oily Scalp

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An oily scalp is just your body’s way of handling environmental factors like sunlight, wind, and bacteria. Scalp oil is a mixture of fatty oils and dead skin cells. And excessive oil doesn’t always mean poor hygiene. If you shampoo on a daily or regular basis, your scalp oiling up could just be a result of excess hormones or genetics. So if mami has a history of oily scalp, chances are you will too! Instead of getting yourself all worked up, try Moroccan Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment. This miracle worker is formulated with ginger and other purifying properties to help keep oil production under control!


For Thinning Hair 2

For Thinning Hair

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Experiencing some hair loss is normal. But when you start to notice excess amounts of hair clogging your shower drain or more strands than usual on your pillow case, than there may be a problem! Hair loss can be a result of elevated levels of stress, damaged chemically-treated hair, or illness. Try Phyto Revitalizing Serum. Each ampoule helps stimulate scalp micro-circulation to stop hair loss and encourage growth.  But it’s important to still make an appointment with your doctor to see if you have a thyroid disorder, anemia or another condition that may be causing your strands to shed.


For Heat-Dried Hair 3

For Heat-Dried Hair

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Yes, blow drying and flat ironing can cause hair breakage. But if you’re like me, and you can’t see yourself parting from the hot tools, then make sure to use a heat protective spray before styling. Try Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Styling Tonic. This spray contains silicones, which acts as a protecting coat for hair, to protect it from the heat!

For Split Ends 4

For Split Ends

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Keep your split ends in check by scheduling regular trims at least every two months. Tame them in between appointments with John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Sheer Mist.


For a Flaky Scalp 5

For a Flaky Scalp

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As gross as it sounds, our scalps naturally contain yeast. But some people are more sensitive than others, and develop dry skin on their scalp that can cause pesky white flakes. Dandruff due to dry scalp is pretty easy to treat. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo like Clear Scalp Moisturizing Dry Scalp Nourishing Shampoo a couple of times a week to keep flakes away!


Flat/Thin Hair 6

Flat/Thin Hair

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If your hair is naturally fine and thin, genetics are probably to blame! But that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt a voluminous and thick-looking mane. Try Jason Thin-to-Thick Extra Volume Shampoo. This body-building shampoo uses ingredients like biotin to strengthen hair and boost volume!