Get this cool Frida Kahlo-inspired hairdo!

Designer Misha Nonoo presented a Spring 2013 line in New York's Fashion Week last week that was full of beautiful bright colors and floral patterns. But the pretty Frida Kahlo-inspired hair created by Marcos Diaz, key hairstylist for ION Studios, was what really captivated me. Delicate fabrics were woven into the model's hair, resulting in a very feminine and soft look. With Hispanic Heritage Month this month, I couldn't help but get excited to replicate the Frida-esque style myself! Check out Diaz's steps below to get the look yourself at home!


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Step 1: Begin by spraying hair with a texturizing spray like Davines For Wizards No.14 Sea Salt Primer. This gave the hair a great textured, gritty look and made it easier to work with.

Step 2: Part the hair in three vertical sections: two small sections at either side of the head and one larger one in the back.

Step 3: Work the hair on each side into a traditional braid, weaving fabric throughout to create two braids.

Step 4: Use the extra fabric at the end of the braid to tie the two pieces together at the top of the head positioned to resemble a crown.

Step 5: Gather the remaining hair at the back of the head and create a loose bun secured with pins.

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