'The Talk' goes makeup free, teaches us a lesson on girl power! (VIDEO)

Talk about baring it all! This morning, the five female hosts of The Talk kicked off the first episode of their third season. One notable difference? Instead of getting all dolled-up as they usually do, the ladies decided to go au naturel, wearing towels on the set and sporting unbrushed 'dos and absolutely no makeup!


In an effort to inspire viewers to embrace their true selves, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, and Julie Chen ditched the blush, lipsticks, and weaves in favor of a less fancy look. And they had the studio audience and all of their guests, including actress Jamie Lee Curtis, do the same!

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"There's not any single one person that would go on TV in front of millions of people with no makeup, so to be in a group of people that are willing to do that together is really cool," said Gilbert. "It shows that we're willing to show parts of our lives that not everybody is willing to show."

Hmmm…I have to admit I'm not really sure how I feel about their little stunt. While I LOVE the girl-power idea behind their appearances, the way they went about promoting it seems a tad over-the-top. I mean, why do they all have to be in towels? Can't you go makeup free with clothes on? I get the "natural" theme but the whole naked-on-set thing is taking it a little too far.  

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Plus, while I understand how tied women can be to their cosmetics, I can't help but think that it's not exactly revolutionary for a female to go bare-faced on TV. After all, what do they think happens once the products come off? It's not like we all turn into scary, green monsters…the hosts looked just like as they always do--except without makeup!

Don't get me wrong--I give the ladies of The Talk total credit for at least, starting a conversation about beauty and self-confidence in women. But that being said, I would be much more impressed if they decided to make a makeup free face a "norm" by rocking it for a whole season, instead of for just one episode.

Watch a clip here:

What do you think of their decisions to go bare? Tell us in the comments below!

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