Get the look: Jessica Alba's ombré hair!

It feels like a lifetime since I've seen Jessica Alba change up her hair color. But the now Hollywood mom, recently went back to blonde for her new role in the anticipated Sin City sequel! The half-Mexican star recently tweeted, "Bye bye brown hair," before having her dark strands lightened. Alba then went on to tweet a few days later, photos of her new ombré 'do that showed off her brunette roots. She's definitely not afraid to switch up her style and try something new, and I'm loving that she took the ombré plunge! When done right, this can look edgy but natural. But when done wrong, this style can look like you missed one too many trips to the salon! Here are a few tips to help make this trendy two-toned hue work for you!


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  1. The first step is to decide how drastic you want to go. This look can go from natural and sun-kissed to extremely edgy and dramatic.
  2. Don't try to achieve this look at home. Instead go to a color specialist and tell them you want lots of sun-kissed looking highlights, mainly on the ends. The highlights should go no higher than your chin. Bring a picture to show for inspiration.
  3.  If you want to have some highlights added to frame the face, request that your colorist only add a few subtle pieces in a shade or two lighter than your natural color around the face.
  4. Maintain the color by using a color protective shampoo and conditioner.
Tell us, would you try the ombré look?

Image via Jessica Alba/twitter

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