Our favorite beauty advice from our abuelas! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Here at MamásLatinas, we're always sharing stories, asking each other's opinions and swapping advice on everything from beauty and fashion to love and family. Now, we have decided to open up our discussions with you! In our new video series "MamásLatinas Knows Best," our staff members will be revealing their personal tips and answering questions on a variety of tricky topics. 

First up? We share our favorite beauty advice handed down to us from our abuelas and our moms! Watch below to find out some of the valuable tips they taught us--from how to avoid wrinkles to the perfect DIY masks for glowing skin! 

And don't forget to tell us--what's your favorite beauty advice from  your abuela or your mom?


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on Aug 26, 2012 at 7:55 PM

Instead of lipstick use honey and powdered cinnamon ,it moisturize your lips and taste delicious:)

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