Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza is the next Latina mogul in the making!

Just when you think you've had enough of the Olympics, the amazing athletes come back in full swing! Ryan Lochte is already doing his share of appearances--we reported earlier that he will be making a cameo on '90210' later this year, and now U.S Olympic boxer, Marlen Esparza is adding beauty entrepreneur to her resume. She already became the first American to participate in womens boxing and win a medal, so who knows what other surprises Esparza has in store for us?! One thing for sure is Esparza is sending out one clear message: Just because you're a female boxer, doesn't mean you can't be girly and feminine. 



At the ripe age of 23, the Mexican-American athlete will be joining entertainment management firm Robert Thorne Co. to create her fashion and beauty line. Although Esparza is well known for being able to pack a punch in the ring, she has dabbed around in the beauty world after being featured in Vogue magazine last month and becoming Covergirl's new spokesperson.

WHEW! That's a lot to have on your plate! I wonder how she's going to manage to be able to go to boxing practice, do Covergirl shoots, and run her own fashion and beauty line?

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Esparza has been open about her girly girl side in interviews and has talked about her pre-fight primping. She's said "Everybody knows I always do my nails…[and] I am guilty of wearing makeup when I fight..."If I look good then I feel good and if I feel good, then I'll fight good."

And can you blame the girl? She looks great on and off the ring and now with her beauty and fashion line, she's going to help other women look and feel good too.

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Not only is she going to be a great role model for young women around the world, but she is also going to be helping for a good cause by donating a portion of the products profits to organizations that support childhood fitness.

I can't wait to see Esparza present the public with her personal taste on fashion and beauty. Perhaps she'll be a godsend and offer us ladies an option on how to look good at the gym while sweaty without having mascara run down our faces.

Are you excited for Marlen Esparza's beauty and fashion line?

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