Oh my GOD! I don't know if this is the most shocking hair news ever, but it certainly seems like it. Yesterday the newly-engaged Miley Cyrus chopped of ALL of her hair to go for a blonde pixie cut and I am completely shocked by it.

She's not the only one to cause a huge stir with a dramatic hair change, though, as you can see by the 7 Latinos who had HUGE hair changes that made us all drop our jaws. I mean, seriously, Javier Bardem just went BLOND for a movie role! Plus, see who else made the list of the biggest hair shockers of all time.

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What was the biggest celeb hair shocker for you? Have you ever dramatically changed your hair? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Javier Bardem 1

Javier Bardem

Image via MGM/Sony

Last Friday, when this new movie poster for the James Bond Skyfall movie came out, I was floored. Now, a few days later, well... I STILL can't believe that he went blond! Wowzers.


Jennifer Lopez 2

Jennifer Lopez

Image via Splash News

J.Lo's pretty much always had gorgeously long, smooth hair... so it's no surprise that when she stepped out with boyfriend Casper Smart rocking a new short, curly style, everyone yelled a collective, WHAT?!


Cameron Diaz 3

Cameron Diaz

Image via Splash News

Just like any true Latina, Cam actually cried over having her hair cut too short! Although I think she looks adorable, I can definitely understand her shock over her own hair--and my shock when she changed her look!

Demi Lovato 4

Demi Lovato

Image via Splash News

Demi going from long, auburn-y brown hair to platinum blond with pink? Yeah, that's pretty shocking. I think she looks really cute, but I'm still surprised that she made the switch. At least she can work the pink, though.


Shakira 5


Image via Getty Images

WHOA! That was all I could think when Shaki chopped off her famous long locks. For some reason, I think that the dramatic cut makes her look older now and, although it's adorable, I really want her long hair back!

La La Anthony 6

La La Anthony

Image via Getty Images

Leave it to La La to first shock us with some super-dramatic ombre hair and THEN really give us a fright when she cut her hair into ombre bangs! I have to admit, though... I love them. Like, a lot.


Christina Milian 7

Christina Milian

Image via Splash News

Okay, so this was actually a few years ago--back in 2009--but it's the biggest hair shocker I can remember (up until Javier's hair change on Friday, of course): Christina Milian going from almost jet-black hair to a completely platinum blond look.