Is it crazy to put your man's face on your nails?

I've already admitted that I would totally put hot Latino celebs on my nails, so this may come as a bit of a shocker: I would never, ever put my man's face on my nails. Ever!

Beyonce recently put a photo on her Tumblr of an INSANE manicure featuring nail art of her and Jay-Z's faces. The internet is in a tizzy over the elaborate, over-the-top manicure, but everyone seems to be missing the point here. Isn't it just a little bit crazy to put your man's face on your nails?


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Bey may actually be the only woman on the planet who can pull this off because, to be honest, I think this is kind of INSANE. I mean, there's absolutely nothing wrong with loyalty to your hubby but going so far as to put his face on your nails? Well, that's almost as crazy as tattooing his name on your body (seriously, don't even get me STARTED on that one!).  

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Besides that, celebrity appreciation and fandom is just fine but these nails are a bit on the creepy side to me. Can you imagine your husband's face on someone else's hands? I think that would be even worse than putting him on YOUR nails but, hey, maybe that's just me. Either way, I really don't like these nails from Beyonce. Maybe they're kind of fabulous but, mostly, they're just really weird...and sorta ugly.

Would you ever put your man's face on your nails? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Beyonce

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