Soothing Banana Mask 1

Soothing Banana Mask

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From Vicglamar Torres:Take half of a very ripe banana, put it in a blender and spread it on your face as a mask. Keep on for 5-30 minutes, as needed, for soft skin. This one is great for when you are feeling really tired and need a pick-me-up.


White Rice Mask for Pores 2

White Rice Mask for Pores

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From Yuliana Gomez: Wash white rice and pour that first water with the starch into a container. You wait for the white powder/starch to settle, drain the water, and apply that on your face as a mask to absorb oil, shrink pores and help with breakouts. It really does work!


Easiest Ever Eyelash Curler 3

Easiest Ever Eyelash Curler

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From Sandra Ortiz-Juarez: I always curl my eye lashes with a spoon! And I also do the same to my eyebrows. It sometimes helps to blow a little hot air onto the spoon, but be careful not to singe your lashes.

Stimulate Your Scalp 4

Stimulate Your Scalp

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This one is from yours truly: Take a little bit of saffron oil (olive oil can also work) and massage it onto your scalp. This helps to stimulate hair growth. You can also put some on the rest of your hair to deep condition and even apply it as a face mask to smoothe wrinkles!


Apple Cider Vinegar 5

Apple Cider Vinegar

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From Michelle Regalado: When your hair starts to feel gunk-y from too much build up (like with overuse of products), simply rinse your hair with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Finish with a tiny bit of shampoo and you're good!

Coconut Oil for Blemishes 6

Coconut Oil for Blemishes

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A tip from one of our Mamás Latinas members: Use a little bit of coconut oil on a blemish to dry it up amazingly fast.


Vaseline for Dry Heels 7

Vaseline  for Dry Heels

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Another tip from a Mamás Latinas member: My favorite is the Vaseline and socks in bed trick for dry heels.  I've done that for years!